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Muffin Popper Baking Instructions: Thank you for purchasing these cute little pans…your family and friends will love the bite sized muffin poppers you are about to make!
Each Miffy’s Mix & Twist Muffin Mix makes approximately 60 (5 dozen) muffin poppers.

Click on “Cooking Directions” in the main menu bar.
Scroll down and click on the photo of the flavor and type of product you will be baking.
Follow the main preparation directions (egg, 1/3 cup milk, 2Tbsp oil, muffin mix + fruit and optional flavor twist).
Look below the main Muffin Cooking Directions to find Muffin Popper Cooking Directions for the oven temperature and cooking time.


  • These pans are non-stick carbon steel, but I always give a very quick spray of cooking spray before putting the muffin batter in.
  • Fill the muffin cups right to the top and don’t flatten them out. You can even have the little batter mound be just above the top…this will bake up with a nice rounded shape!
  • Depending on your preference, the cinnamon sugar packet included in the muffin mix box may not be enough for all 60 poppers. You can mix up your own by using raw sugar (also called Sugar in the Raw or Demerara Sugar) with some ground cinnamon.
  • The Gluten Free muffins take an extra minute in the oven.
  • Please note that ovens differ, so be sure to check the muffins at the earliest baking time listed and leave in for additional time if needed.
  • Please wash pans with warm soapy water before first use and be careful not to use a rough scouring pad for future cleaning.
  • For proper drying, I stack them in a criss cross shape after washing and leave them for a few of hours before stacking and putting away…to avoid water being trapped which may cause rusting.
  • Rest assured….I have had these tested and they are 100% FDA approved and safe for you and your special peeps!