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Meet Miffy Jones - The Mix Master Behind Miffy's Foods

Providing Time-Starved Moms Delicious and Nutritious Options

As a stay-at home Mum (Mom to us, Americans), Miffy Jones whipped up her first batch of marvelous muffins back in 2003. Made with organic whole wheat flour, organic oats, and love, this Aussie discovered that baking and eating muffins was fun, but assembling the dry ingredients was tedious.

Is wasn't until 2012, however, that she formally launched her Miffy's Marvelous Muffin Mix bringing a healthy twist to time-starved moms. Her mixes are now available at Nature's Choice Markets, Bob's Red Mill, on-line, and through other delicious retailers. In just 14 months, her raving fans have devoured over 75,000 muffins and counting.

A Passion for Cooking

As a media producer at Nike, Miffy filmed athletes such as Michael Jordan and LeBron James as they shared their passion with the world; they didn't shoot hoops to become famous - they were just compelled to do what they loved. From these superstars, she recognized the power of pursuing your passion. For Miffy, it is cooking and bringing a bite and a smile to all.

An Entrepreneur Taking a Bite Out of Tradition

Whereas moms and kids loved her muffins, few thought she could turn it into a sustainable business. They suggested licensing or selling out to the "big boys" of the food business. But, Miffy lives for a great challenge. This believer sifted through both cookbooks and business books to ensure she could succeed.

Never Compromising on Quality

From getting her kitchen licensed, to creating the packaging, to using local Bob's Red Mill products, mixing 112 bags per day and personally phoning retailers, Miffy did it her way without an ounce of compromise on quality. Her loyal tasters insisted that she keep her ingredients real.

Today, she balances motherhood with her ever-rising business. In fact, her old business alma mater, Nike World Headquarters, now serves up her muffins to 550 children at their day care centers. Gluten-free mixes, new flavors, and new products are always on the menu.

Remembering her spin on The Wheel of Fortune, Miffy knows that you make your own luck: hard work and tenacity with a pinch of laughter is the secret recipe for her success.

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